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SiSiB® PC5710

Synonym: Tert-butyldimethylsilyl chloride, TBSCI

Countertype of DowCorning TBMS, Wacker TBM2

Chemical Structure


SiSiB® PC5710 is a colorless, pungent smelling and caustic solid. It can be dissolved in nonprotonating solvents without decomposition.

Typical Physical Properties

Chemical Name: Tert-Butyldimethylchlorosilane
CAS No.: 18162-48-6
EINECS No.: 242-042-4
Empirical Formula: C6H15ClSi
Molecular Weight: 150.72
Boiling Point: 124-126°C [760mmHg]
Flash Point: 22°C
Melting Point: 79-81°C
Color and Appearance: White crystalline solid
Density [25°C]: 0.83
Refractive Index [25°C]: N/A
Purity: 99.0%


SiSiB® PC5710 may be used as silylating agent for derivatization of alcohols, ketones, carboxylic acids, amines, amides and mercaptanes selectively into functional groups in different sterical environments.


Net weight 25Kg, 50Kg bag or barrel, for more details, please visit Packing Centre.

Technical Library

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