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[1989] Nanjing ChuangYe Fine Chemical Factory (NCFCF) established, it is one of the earliest commercial silane manufacturers in China.
[1995] NCFCF silicone material research center founded, it is supported by Nanjing University of Chemical Technology (NUCT).
[1999] NUCT Pilot Factory established, aimed to commercialize more silicone materials.
[2001] Power Chemical Corporation Limited established and acquired NCFCF and NUCT pilot factory. PCC Hubei factory established to produce silanes.
[2003] PCC NCFCF and NUCTPF factory moved to Shandong, expanded silanes capacity.
[2004] PCC Jiangxi factory established, started to produce silicone fluids and silicone emulsions.
[2005] PCC Sichuan pilot production factory established, specialized in research and development of phenyl silanes, siloxanes and silicones.
[2005] PCC Guangdong factory established, started to produce silicone rubber, silicone gum.
[2006] PCC signed agreement with Wuhan University to research silicone materials application and develop new silicone material together.
[2007] PCC Zhejiang factory established, focused on specialty silane, silicones fluid and silicone resin.
[2008] PCC Inner Mongolia factory established, started to produce silane monomer and fumed silica.
[2011] Nanjing SiSiB SILICONES Co., Ltd. established to offer better and more professional service to customer, strictly according to SGS ISO9001 procedure.
[2013] PCC Shandong new production factory opened, expanded capacity of epoxy, vinyl and alkoxy silanes.
[2015] PCC Group Limited incorporated, accomplished full production chain from silicone monomer to downstream full range of silicone materials.

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Download SiSiB® SILICONES 2016