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Philosophy and Mission
Our Pledge
Research & Development
Quality Assurance
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Serving Customer

Commitment. Higher Quality & Lower Price.
Reliability. Good Consistency and Repeatability.
Excellence. Professional & leading producer for silicone materials.
Innovation. Innovative new technologies and products.

Mission Statement:
PCC has 3 priorities:

Highest Quality Products:
  Quality is the first and foremost concern for PCC.
Our products are tested in our laboratory to ensure they are of the highest standard.
Efficient & Effective Service:
  A support team is always on-hand.
This further assures our client of our proficiency, and our strive to ascertain customer satisfaction.
Competitive Prices:
  Our prices are competitive but do not compromise quality.

Download SiSiB® SILANES 2016


Download SiSiB® SILICONES 2016