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We consider quality control extremely important as a professional producer to provide stable and high-quality products.

We possess perfect production facilities, precise testing equipment and large-scale laboratories. At the same time, we develop our own original quality control system and perform the sufficient inspection from the viewpoint of customers.

All of our plants have been certified by ISO9001, we execute quality audits of each facility's products.

Also we give training on quality assurance manners and methods to all personnel, and strive to enhance every employee’s awareness of the significance of products’ quality.

All of these factors guarantee the quality of our products. And we will continue to improve levels of quality-control to meet or even exceed the demands of our customers.
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Six Sigma:

The word "Six Sigma" is a statistical measure of faulty parts per million pieces manufactured.

It refers to both products and business processes. The concept of Six Sigma signifies the attainment of a nearly perfect high-quality control level of 99.999997 percent, meaning that there are only 3.4 defects per million parts. This level has emerged as the benchmark for high quality-fewer than 3.5 defects per million.

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